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Innovation by Inspiration

Are you inspired?

Do you enjoy creating the new?

Do you mind being a little mindless?

 Innovation has become so crucial to all economies of the world that it’s been pursued by any prudent and serious business. In the outcome of Innovation is the growth and economic prosperity on one side and better lives and standard of living for the communities.


While Industry needs to innovate, they need the power house of innovation to be developed. This power house is predominantly the people who make up the industry. These talents develop new methods, processes, services and of course products which leads to better economics for the business and better lives for its consumers.

The talents that come out to the industry are from the academia which tries hard to keep pace with the developments of the industry. In this race to level the requirements and expectations, academia needs a helping hand from the industry.

IEEE Bangalore section is proud to roll out a platform to enable innovation and in the process let the best minds come together to create something wonderful for the community, the business and our country making it our contribution to the world.

In this series the first session is planned in August 2014 in Bangalore. Further to the first event a second session will be conducted by September/October.

In the first session you will learn the basics of Innovation skills for your personal skillset. In this session the industry speakers will give their perspectives, challenges and opportunities on innovation in their industry/area. You can absorb these challenges and perspectives and come up with your own perspective and thinking. This creates several project ideas and also opportunities to work with the industry. But this is just a preparation for the real stuff!

In the second session it gets real challenging - you get to work on the specific problems faced by the industries and you are expected to solve those problems to come up with innovations. The industry speakers will guide through this phase though the outcome can surprise everyone. This can lead to projects and bilateral relationships between the academia and the industry and who knows it might create the next big things that matters!

A lot of companies are excited about this event and are looking forward to it. This means you have to be your best to meet those expectations. TE connectivity, IBM, Intel, HCL, Comsol, and more are what you will be faced with.

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August, Bangalore

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Introduction to Innovation skills



Industry Speaker – 1



Industry Speaker – 2



Industry Speaker – 3







September/ October Bangalore


Recap of Session – 1



Break-out sessions “Solving the problem

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Mr. Sudeendra Kaushik


Citrus Cunningham
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